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If you are a fan of scotch, whiskey, beer, wine, martinis, or pretty much any drink, you have come to the right place.

With a drink menu so big it needs it’s own menu, you won’t have any trouble finding your drink of choice at the The Bard and Banker Scottish Pub.

Whether you are coming to take in some live music, relax after a hard day’s work, or meet up with friends for a party, this is one downtown Victoria pub you should check out at least once.

Bard & Banker Pub Victoria BC

Bard & Banker Pub

Mark and I were visiting for our fourth or fifth time and sat in our usual place, the comfy leather booths facing the main bar.

It was late afternoon and we were in between meals so we were just interested in having some drinks and an appy or two.


Because they had such irresistible names, Mark and I both started out with Martinis.

Mark ordered “The Kilt Lifter” (8.99 for 2 oz) and I got the “Fine and Dandy” ($7.99 for 2 oz).

Both were pretty sweet tasting drinks. I ended up liking Mark’s a bit better as it was a unique blend of vodka, Soho (lychee liqueur), and white grape juice….something I hadn’t had before.

My drink was made with spiced rum, Malibu and pineapple juice. It pretty much tasted like pineapple juice.

After our first round, I thought I would take a look at their wine list. To my pleasant surprise, The Bard and Banker had recently acquired a new “Enomatic System” for their wine.

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The Kilt Lifter

If you’re a wine lover and have never heard of this new system, let me tell you, it’s a great invention!

What it does is allow bottles of wine to be opened and to stay as fresh as the day they were opened.


This means that establishments can offer premium glasses of wine that they would normally only be able to offer by the bottle.

To take advantage of this new system, I ordered a wine flight consisting of 3 different Italian red wines.

“A taste of Italy” ($18) was just one of a few wine flights they offered, and though it was one of the more pricier flights I’ve had (3 glasses of 2 oz each), it was worth it.

So after getting the taste of wine on my palate I decided it was time for some cheese. Mark and I both love cheese plates and were keen to try the one here.

Wine bar Victoris BC

Enomatic Wine System

After ordering the “Cheese Plate” ($22), I have to say we were both a bit disappointed. Not that the 4 cheeses offered weren’t very tasty, but that… well, let’s just say there was more plate than cheese on our cheese plate. There were also very few bread crisps to go with the cheese.


I really don’t like to complain, but for the 22 dollar price tag, we both expected more.

Oh well, as I said, the cheese was tasty so we couldn’t complain about that.

After another flight of wine (this time I ordered the “South American Adventure”), it was time for dessert.

Remember we were just here for a few bites, but they do have plenty of pub food to choose from if you’re looking for a full meal.

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Cheese Plate

Mark and I have had dessert here many times, and always order the “Sticky Toffee Pudding” ($5).

We like it so much we just can’t order anything else. It’s that good. A word of caution though, the portion size here is a bit small for sharing so if you want enough for yourself, I would suggest ordering two of them.


If you’ve never experienced the yummy goodness of sticky toffee pudding, it’s a British dessert made of moist sponge cake, and topped with toffee sauce.

They serve it with caramel ice cream here and trust me, it is mmmmm, so delicious!

There aren’t many things that can compare to my favourite dessert here at The Bard and Banker, but I have to say they do have a very cool atmosphere going on.

First of all, this pub is HUGE, with a capital H. As in, 12 000 square feet huge.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

My first few times visiting I had only been on the main floor and didn’t realize that the upstairs was as big as it was.


I really like the comfy leather booths that face the downstairs bar, which is why I had never ventured upstairs. I also really like the old fashioned lighting they have in there.

If you are wanting to celebrate in a private setting, you can reserve one of their private rooms, all of which have their own character and can accommodate parties of up to 150.

While we were exploring these rooms, we came across the “Sam McGee Room” upstairs.

This room has a private balcony with big lounge style sofa chairs, a covered glass roof and heaters.

It is literally an oasis in the middle of the city! When we discovered this room, Mark and I decided we HAD to have a party up there sometime!

Bard & Banker Pub Victoris BC

Downstairs Bar Area

Overall I think the Bard and Banker’s biggest selling points are its atmosphere and its drink menu.

There is a good vibe going on here almost any time or day you show up, and the long list of scotchs and whiskeys (over 95 types), beers (both domestic and imported), and wine make this place a great venue for relaxing or celebrating with your friends or family.

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