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If you’ve never thought to go out for lunch at a winery, I hope after reading this review you will.

Though not all wineries offer cuisine at their establishments, Church and State Wines thankfully does.

With such beautifully surroundings, it makes for a wonderful afternoon getaway.

My girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of the wine and the cuisine at this winery one sunny summer afternoon.


Day trip to Winery in Victoria

Inside Church And State Winery

Though I had tasted their wines, I had never eaten here before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Just as an aside, I don’t know how hard it is for a winery to offer food with their wine, but for me it makes a big difference when deciding which winery I want to visit.

Even just a little bit of cheese or charcuterie goes a long way… I mean, after a few tastes of yummy wine, doesn’t your mouth just beg for some kind of food to go with it?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes a little taste of something with my wine.

Anyway, as we already established, Church and State Wines does serve food in their restaurant section of their winery.

The only thing I wasn’t overly impressed with was that I couldn’t order flights of wine at our table. We were only allowed glasses or bottles of wine.


Wineries and wine tasting tours

Wine With A View

Since I was here to taste the wines and eat some food, I thought they might offer the option of tasting a few types of wine while at my table. Apparently that is only for the tasting bar inside.

There are indoor and outdoor options for seating in the restaurant here and since it was a gorgeous day, we obviously took a spot out on the patio.

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