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With it’s amazing atmosphere, very professional service and great food, I have no reservations in saying that Clive’s Classic Lounge is one of the best lounges in all of Victoria.

Situated on the main floor of Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites, this lounge, named after hotel owner Clive Piercy, is one of our regular stops on our famous Victoria “lounge crawl”.

If you’ve never been a part of a lounge crawl, it’s simply the “grown up” version of a pub crawl. Mark and I have had some great times touring the many great lounges in Victoria and if you haven’t been to this one, I highly recommend you do.


Bars and Pubs in Victoria BC

The Bar At Clive’s

When you come here, you will most likely meet “Shawn”, the main bartender/mixologist at Clive’s.

He is an extremely professional and knowledgeable guy (with a great Aussie accent I might add) who is very passionate about his craft.

The drink menu here is extraordinary, and by that I mean extensive, and definitely not ordinary.

They have a collection of over 200 bottles of spirits at Clive’s and many of them are very rare or limited edition.

They also have a great selection of beer here as well. If you’re more of a Budweiser kind of guy though, this might not be your fav place to drink as they only have European beers on tap.



Locally brewed and import beers

Fruli Belgian Beer

However, if you are a beer connoisseur like Mark is, this is the lounge for you.

As it happens, Mark tried a Belgian beer named “Fruli Strawberry Wheat” ($5 for 250mL) here and said it was one of his all time favourite beers!

The appetizers at Clive’s are also quite good. If you like mushrooms, I recommend the “Mushrooms on Toast” ($8).

I have had them a few times here and really enjoyed them, though because the menu changes periodically, you may or may not be able to get them.

Mark and I also shared three of the “Kobe Beef Sliders” ($3 each).

The beef was quite tasty and was the predominant taste, but there was not much other flavour I thought except for the pickle on top.

Relative to other sliders I’ve tasted around Victoria, I would rate these about average.



Kobe Beef Sliders Clive's Pub and bar Victoria BC

Kobe Beef Sliders

I think they may have changed their recipe for these burgers since I last visited though, so I will have to give them another taste on my next visit.

As we were finishing up our appetizers, our lovely server Janine came over and gave us a complimentary dessert.

She gave us some “Bread Pudding” or as she liked to call it in her Quebec accent, “Pain Perdu”.

We still aren’t sure why we got our dessert for free (maybe because they figured out we were doing a review??) but nevertheless, the dessert was so good neither of us were going to complain!



Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

The food at Clive’s is good for sure, but I think what really makes this place exceptional is its amazing drink list, its very knowledgeable staff and its super cozy and comfy atmosphere.

Between the soothing, chillin’ music in the background, the leather chairs, great lighting, and two cozy fireplaces, this is one lounge I never want to leave!

If you are looking for a great lounge that serves quality food and beverages, and guarantees to make you feel relaxed, I highly recommend Clive’s Classic Lounge.

Truth be told, it is my favourite lounge in all of Victoria.

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