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Arriving at Ebizo Sushi Restaurant for the first time, Mark and I were greeted with a rather large line which, under normal circumstances, would have discouraged us and had us thinking “this can’t be worth the wait”.

Thankfully, prior to this first visit I had done a little reading about Ebizo Sushi and knew the consensus was the wait would be worth it. (I later found out they take reservations so next time I will make them!)

In fact, not only was Ebizo Sushi worth the wait, but due to their very efficient wait staff and fairly quick turnover, we didn’t have to wait long at all for our one o’clock lunch date.


Sushi Bar Japanese Food

Sushi Bar


The hostess seated us at the sushi bar as this was the only available space during the busy lunch hour.

Though this gave us less room to spread out, we got the advantage of having a front row seat to the “sushi show” which consisted of the two Ebizo sushi chefs working diligently at creating their masterpieces.

While watching these two guys you could tell they’ve been doing this for a while.

They were very quick to get the orders out and yet no dish looked as though it had been rushed.

Just about as soon as we sat down at the sushi bar, we were handed menus followed by some warm wet hand towels for us to clean our hands with.



Prawn Tempura

Prawn Tempura

It’s maybe a small thing but I love a Japanese restaurant that keeps the tradition of handing out an “oshibori” (hot towel) prior to my meal.

Ready to dive into some food, we quickly ordered some starters. I decided to try the “Prawn Tempura” ($1.75 each), and Mark got the “Miso Soup” ($1.95).

The prawns were a greater starter, with a light and crisp batter. They were a perfect way to whet my appetite without getting too full for my entree.

With so much on the Ebizo menu to choose from, we decided to order several different sushi rolls to share.




Various Sushi Rolls

Various Sushi Rolls

Our mixed plate of sushi included “Dynamite Rolls” ($5.25 for 6), “Shrimp and Avocado Rolls” ($4.95 for 6), “Spicy Salmon with Avocado Rolls” ($4.95 for 6) and “Spicy Tuna with Avocado Rolls” ($4.95 for 6).

All of our sushi was excellent and we were both impressed at the quality and freshness of the rolls. The rice was perfectly cooked and both the salmon and the tuna melted in our mouths.

I thought the rolls were a perfect size as well. Big enough to feel like you got your “bang for your buck”, but no so big that you couldn’t fit it all in your mouth and truly taste all of the ingredients.



Ricky Roll Victoria BC

Ricky Roll



For those of you newbie sushi eaters out there, traditionally each piece of sushi should be eaten in one bite. It is considered rude to take a bite and then return a half-eaten piece to the plate.

If you can’t eat the piece in one bite, hold it with your chopsticks until you are ready to finish… That’s assuming you’re using chopsticks. Don’t worry if you’re not as it is totally acceptable to eat sushi with your hands.

Back to our meal…Mark was especially excited about the freshness of the fish so he asked one of the chefs to recommend another roll. He said he would make Mark a “Ricky Roll” ($9.95).

This honkin’ huge roll (which was obviously not going to be eaten all in one bite!) consisted of salmon, tuna and avocado. Being able to sample the raw fish in this way really enabled us to taste the freshness of it.



Inside Ebizo Sushi Restaurant

Inside Ebizo Sushi


Sashimi should literally melt in your mouth if it’s at its freshest and the tuna and salmon at Ebizo Sushi did just that.

With such excellent sashimi we would have liked to sample more but sadly both of our bellies were stuffed. We had eaten quite a bit of sushi after all and did it in a fairly short period of time.

I must say that the service at Ebizo Sushi was extremely efficient.

Even though we were in a packed restaurant for most of our meal, we didn’t notice any wait for our dishes.




Mark and I would definitely recommend Ebizo for all you sushi lovers out there, but if you’re not a huge fan of sushi, there are other Japanese items on Ebizo’s menu you might like (I also sampled the Beef Terriyaki which was good).

We had a great first visit at Ebizo Sushi and will be back again soon!

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