Victoria Faces Shortage of Cooks


The province of British Columbia presented about 15,000 jobs but most of these job openings are associated with restaurants and food industry. The greatest need for qualified cooks is mostly observed in Victoria and restaurant owners complain about the inability to find skilled cooks. The expectation to see more applications at the beginning of the summer were not satisfied.

It is a season when a lot of people head for Victoria and local resources are not enough to meet the needs of guests in the sphere of the food industry. Owners of restaurants spend 4 months for finding new staff but they fail to get what they really need. The main problem is that there is a great demand for cooks and no supply of skilled candidates is diagnosed. But, owners of restaurants in Victoria consider that cooks do not make a lot of money for their hard job.

It can be loud and rude and there are a lot of cuts and burns. You cannot leave any time you want as you need to stay in the kitchen till all the customers have been served and all the dishes are clean. Due to a number of shows on TV, a chef seems to be an easy and overwhelming job but the reality is so different. Besides, owners of restaurateurs cannot pay more as they cannot simply afford it. They are trying to share the tips among all staff.

chef cooking

Others are trying to increase a menu price but they have to suffer financial losses after they realize that they have made a mistake. There is an opinion that the original system does not work and there is a need to change it for a new and more enhanced one. Restaurants are afraid to increase their prices and they do not include the increase in the cost of meat that has increased by 15% this year.

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July 17, 2015 |

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