5th Street Bar and Grill


With its wood-fired grill, two cozy patios and top quality food, 5th Street Bar and Grill makes it hard for us not to vote it as one of Victoria’s best restaurants.

Situated just outside of the downtown area of Victoria in the Quadra Street Village, 5th Street has been a favourite amongst locals for many years and if you get the chance to visit it sometime, you’ll soon discover why.

On our most recent visit, Mark and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner on one of their two patios. I mention that 5th Street Bar and Grill has two patios because I didn’t realize they did for at least a year of coming here. One is off the restaurant side (to the left as you enter the front doors), and the other off the bar side (to the right).

One of the Patios at 5th Street

One of the Patios at 5th Street


We were on the bar side patio and let me say that for a patio without much of a view (it’s in a residential area), it’s a really great patio!

The brick walls, gas fireplace, marble table tops, flowers, greenery (including a palm tree!) give 5th Street a real cozy European feel.

Another great thing about this patio is that no matter how cold it gets outside, there are plenty of heaters on to keep you warm.

So there are two things I have to tell you about before I get into talking about what Mark and I ate this time at 5th Street Bar and Grill.

The first thing you need to know about is the unique style of menu they have here. All dishes are put into categories based on their price.

For example, there is a “5.55” menu, a “”Ten dollars” menu, a “Fifteen dollars” menu, and a “Twenty dollars” menu.




There is also a “Pizza” menu, all of which are priced at $10.55.


Rotisserie Chicken Corn Chowder

Rotisserie Chicken Corn Chowder

I really like this style of menu and haven’t seen it anywhere else in Victoria. It’s simple and makes sense to me.

The next thing I have to tell you about, and this one you better remember if you come in famished, is about potential wait times.

As Chef Bryce Forsyth says, “All of our dishes are house-made, from scratch. We are a high volume restaurant, so please be patient as quality food takes time to prepare. Please inform your server if you are in a hurry as some items take less time to prepare.”

Wait times vary. Sometimes we wait a while, and sometimes we don’t.

But no matter what, the food is always excellent.




My best advice is that if you’re super hungry (and especially if 5th Street is busy), you should order an appetizer when you first sit down, and that way your stomach (and whoever your with) will be much happier.


Goat Cheese Fondue

Goat Cheese Fondue

Okay, on to the food! As I often do, I ordered the “Rotisserie Chicken Corn Chowder” ($4.55 for a cup, $5.55 for a bowl).

It has been one of my all time favourite chowders since my lips laid on it several years ago. 🙂

The reason I love it so much is ’cause it’s got big chunky pieces of chicken, potatoes and yummy sweet corn in it.

It also comes with pan bread and sometimes I get so satisfied off of the bowl that I feel I don’t need to eat my entree after.

Okay, so the chowder is my usual “go to” appetizer and I admit I have a hard time digressing from it. This time though I saw another appetizer that caught my eye and decided I just had to try it.

The “Goat Cheese Fondue” ($10), which came with roasted garlic flatbread and an apple, port wine and onion preserve, sounded like something I would absolutely love and I have to say I absolutely did!!!


Braised Beef Short RIbs

Braised Beef Short RIbs

If you like goat cheese, you can’t go wrong with this dish. They give you so much of it!

I loved this appetizer so much I could have easily gobbled it all up, but decided I should share it with Mark so I would have room for my entree.

Right, my entree, I almost forgot! When I get lucky enough to have great appetizers and wine to go with them, I often feel like I don’t need an entree afterwards.

Well, I am sure I didn’t “need” my “Braised Beef Short Ribs” ($20), but man, am I ever glad I ordered them!

This was my first time trying the ribs at 5th Street, as my usual go-to entree is the “Buffalo Burger” which has bewitched me so much that I had never ordered any other entree until this time.

The trouble is, when you find something so tasty and yummy that your mouth literally has an “O”, (can’t say the full word here as I’m afraid to offend some) every time you bight into it, how can you ever divert from that?


Chipotle Garlic Rubbed Pork Loin Chop

Chipotle Garlic Rubbed Pork Loin Chop

Well, after chatting with our very friendly and knowledgeable server and discovering that the ribs were one of the most popular dishes on the menu, I decided it was time to branch out from burgers and head on down to rib-ville.

Now I’ve had my share of short ribs around Victoria, and I have never tasted any like the ones at 5th Street.

Here they braise their ribs in a garlic, maple and stone ground mustard glaze. The glaze is so amazing and sweet!

I highly recommend this dish if you’ve never had it here.

Mark also recommended his entree, the “Chipotle Garlic Rubbed Pork Loin Chop” ($15). He said the meat was excellent, though the mashed potatoes it came with were a bit on the salty side so be forewarned.

Overall, despite us not ordering our “usual” entrees, Mark and I both had excellent meals and once again agreed that 5th Street Bar and Grill seems more than just a typical “bar & grill”, and more like a cross between a bar/grill and an upscale restaurant.



Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

To finish off, our server convinced us to try the “Ice Cream Sandwich” ($7), which I admit didn’t take much convincing.

It was a really yummy dessert, though at first I admit I didn’t know how exactly I should eat it (it was a bit big to pick up an hard to take a bite into without deconstructing it).

The chocolate mint ice cream in between a cashew cookie was a perfect ending to a memorable evening, and it satisfied my sweet tooth without being overly heavy.

Once again, both Mark and I left 5th Street absolutely satisfied and happy with our evening. We always enjoy great food here, and this time we got to experience the warm ambiance of their patios which was a bonus.

If you ever find yourself just outside downtown Victoria, looking for some good food and good times, I highly recommend you check out 5th Street Bar and Grill.


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