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It’s hard not to like a seafood restaurant that combines fresh quality seafood, with beautiful views of the sea where it came from.

From their fantastic steaks and seafood entrees to their floor to ceiling windows which create an unsurpassed view of the Inner Harbour, Blue Crab & Grill delivers a great overall dining experience.

Situated inside the Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina, this restaurant gets lots of visits by tourists, but due to its more quiet ambiance, is also a great place for locals.

Recently I got the pleasure of being treated to my birthday dinner here and was reminded of why I like this place so much.

Martini Bar Waterfront Victoria BC

Ocean Pearl Martini With A View!

To start off the birthday festivities, my friend Mark and I did what what we often do before a nice dinner, and that is enjoy some pre-dinner drinks in the lounge.

Blue Crab has a good size lounge and bar adjacent to the restaurant and it also boasts some great views of the harbour.

I decided to order an “Ocean Pearl Martini” ($8.95 for 2 oz) and Mark got a “Vancouver Island Ice Tea” ($8.95 for 2 oz).

Both of us enjoyed our drinks and especially enjoyed the view that we got with them.

If you prefer to have a glass of wine before your dinner, you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that suits your taste as the wine cellar here has over 275 wines, with a major focus on BC and the Pacific Northwest wines.

I like to have my wine with dinner and later chose a 9 ounce a glass of Pinot Noir from Mission Hill ($17, or $11 for 5 oz) to go with my entree.



Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

After a little over half an hour of pre-dinner drinking and lounging, we were ready for our 7:00 reservation.

We were originally seated a little away from the windows but noticed an empty table that had an unobstructed view of the Harbour so we asked the Maitre d’ if we could be moved.

He seemed quite frazzled at the time (and later admitted to us that he was “stressed”), but thankfully moved us to the better table.

Once happily seated, Mark and I ordered our appetizers. I decided to go with the “Caesar Salad” ($9), and Mark got the “Pumpkin Patch Soup” ($9).

The salad was a good size portion and came with big pieces of bacon and Asiago cheese on top. It was a bit too lemony for me (I like my Caesar salads super garlicy) so I ended up swapping my appetizer with Mark’s.



Pumpkin Patch Soup

Pumpkin Patch Soup

The soup was nice and creamy and came with a smoked savoury parsnip creme brulee that was so mmmm! Both were easily spooned up and I was very tempted to lick the bowl afterwards (don’t worry mom, I didn’t).

At any rate, even though Mark was very content with his salad, I think I ended up with the better deal on the appetizer swap.

Next up was the main event, our entrees, which we decided to go “all out” on. It was my birthday after all…

For our main dish we ordered the “Legendary Blue Crab Platter For Two” ($120). This dish had practically everything in it besides the kitchen sink.

It had two 6 oz beef tenderloins, prawns, scallops, mussels, clams, Dungeness crab, vegetables, saffron risotto and chef potatoes.



Legendary Blue Crab Platter For Two (one portion)

Legendary Blue Crab Platter For Two (one portion)


Because Mark and I aren’t big fans of mussels or clams, we asked for extra prawns and they kindly obliged our request.

When you get your meal delivered, it comes on three separate plates.

One plate has the crab on it (normally sitting on a bed of clams and mussels) and the other two plates have the individual steaks, and the rest of the seafood and vegetables on them.

It looks like a lot of food and it is. I think next time if we order this again we wouldn’t have the appetizers first (though they were so good it might be hard not to!).

All the food was absolutely delicious and the steaks were done exactly the way we had ordered them.



Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab

Because I was determined to fit in some dessert for my birthday meal, I decided to stop eating halfway through my entree and got the rest to go.

We then ordered the “Chocolate Squared” ($7) to share.

This was a 4-in-1 dessert which was comprised of a ganache glazed chocolate torte, a bittersweet caramel wafer, a chocolate sorbet, and a white chocolate shake. A lot of dessert for only 7 bucks!

My favourite of the four desserts was the chocolate sorbet. It was very rich and extremely yummy!

Overall there really wasn’t much to complain about. Stunning view, nice ambiance, amazing food…

But there was one thing that was lacking a bit for this level of restaurant and that was the service.




Chocolate Squared

Chocolate Squared

It seemed quite odd that our server rarely came by to ask how we were doing. When he asked us what we wanted to order we felt rushed and in general he seemed very inattentive to us.

I don’t like saying something negative about what otherwise seems to be quite a good restaurant, and perhaps this was a one time occurrence.

Needless to say, with this level of restaurant and prices, I would expect to have consistently good, if not great service every visit.

I will still return to Blue Crab Bar & Grill as there is far more good than bad to this restaurant.

I just hope on my next visit to experience a higher level of service.

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