Citizens of Victoria Concerned about Climate Change


The population of Victoria is really concerned about climate change and the movement for fossil fuel divestment is getting rather popular. Besides, people are planning a rally just before the representatives of the council start their meeting on July 23. They want to attract the attention of councilors to the problem of climate change and needed measures that should be taken to prevent any harmful effects on the nature.

The supporters of fossil fuel divestment movement want to show that they are not indifferent to any climate problems and they want to stop companies to invest into climate change. The councilors should feel pressure and the responsibility for the decisions they take. Besides, the councilors should not only vote against contamination but take certain measures and save the nature for the next generation.

Weather in Victoria BC

The movement is growing with each day but the current condition can be described as the infancy. It is the right time to act and to achieve the wanted results. The supporters want their money to be spent on protection of all the natural resources but not on the words that are not followed by any useful activities. There are certain progressive environmental policies but no one is busy with realizing the statements. Councilors and citizens of Victoria need to realize that climate change is the biggest problem which is faced by the world and the city.

It is not just the citizens of Victoria who are concerned but last month, people living in the Township of Esquimalt started organizing the same movement. Despite of all the public concerns, there are no activities that could change the present situation and could exclude the risk of climate change. Citizens of Victoria hope that the issue will become a topic of discussion at UBCM as local communities are worried about the consequences of fossil fuel industry.


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July 22, 2015 |

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