Citizens of Victoria to Try Automated Annunciation on Buses


The citizens of Victoria will have a chance to try using an automated stop-announcing system that will be installed in Victoria buses. People will see this innovation in August and the system is going to be presented in 25 buses for testing. The rest of the buses will be equipped with the stop-announcing system in September when it has been approved after testing. In general, about 290 will have the system on board and people with certain inabilities will try all the benefits.

There are many people with impaired vision and they find the system rather beneficial for them. They even complained about the buses without an opportunity to learn the stops. As a result, the company of B.C. Transit decided to make all the drivers announce the stops while driving. But several organizations considered it to be unsafe and could distract the attention of drivers. Besides, a lot of drivers didn’t follow the instructions as well.

That is why the problem existed for a long time and complaints could just grow in number. The name for the new system is Trekker Breeze+ and the cost of it is reaching $400,000 which is rather significant for the company but the result will be rather amazing and worthy. The announcing system will have GPS assistance which will make the system work in the right way. The Canadian Federation of the Blind supports the idea of the installation and drivers will not be bothered any more.

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Before buying the system, B.C. Transit decided to demonstrate the system to the representatives of the Canadian Federation of the Blind who managed to ride a demonstration bus. The benefits are really vivid and the system will make transportation more accessible to people with vision problems. Additionally, drivers will have a chance to focus on the road and will provide excellent customer service.

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July 22, 2015 |

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