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If you’re looking for a great patio in downtown Victoria where you can be in the middle of all the action, and at the same time have a view of the inner harbour, Darcy’s Pub is where you want to be.

It’s perfectly located at the base of Bastion Square and on the very happening Wharf Street where tourists abound during the summer.

On a Saturday you may, as we did, even catch a few brides passing through to get their pictures taken.


Bastion Square food and drink options

Bastion Square

During our afternoon on the patio, Mark and I must have seen hundreds of camera-clicking tourists passing through the square.

Darcy’s is definitely THE place to be if you want to people watch.

I have to say though I’ve been to Darcy’s before, I’ve never enjoyed their patio so this was a nice treat.

Though it was really busy, Mark and I managed to score a sport with only a few minutes wait.

I read on Darcy’s website that their claims to fame are their excellent pub food, friendly service, and great live music.

Well, I can vouch for their great live music as I have seen their regular weekend group “Monkey Wrench” perform on several occasions and absolutely loved them.



Pitcher of Sangria and Cocktails Victoria BC

Pitcher of Sangria

As far as the food and service go, I can now say they are both good too.

It was a nice warm summer day so both Mark and I asked for drinks to start off. Our server “Christine” recommended “The Darcy” ($6.25) cocktail so I ordered that and Mark got a pint of Phillips Brewing “Hop Circle IPA” ($6.25).

Both of those drinks went down very easily so we then ordered a pitcher of “Sangria” ($17.95).

I haven’t had Sangria in a while so I can’t really remember what it’s supposed to taste like but Mark has spent a lot of time in Spain and said it was excellent.

After a few drinks we had built up an appetite and asked Christine for appetizer recommendations.

She told us the “Mini Burgers” ($10) and the “Fish Tacos” ($12) were both great choices so we ordered them both.

I’ve had both mini burgers and fish tacos at other restaurants in Victoria so I was curious to see how these ones compared.



Mini Burgers at Victoria BC Pub

Mini Burgers

The mini burgers came with a barbecue sauce that was really yummy. They also had aged white cheddar on them that added to the overall flavour as well.

Though not as good as the mini burgers (they call them sliders there) I’ve had at Veneto Tapa Lounge, I will still rate these burgers as being quite good.

The fish tacos were made with salmon and had chipotle lime cream and apple jicama slaw on top.

I thought there seemed a bit too much slaw on them but otherwise they tasted fine.

Again, I would rate the fish tacos at The Oyster Bar better, but Darcy’s makes some decent ones.



Fish Tacos at Darcy's Pub Victoria BC

Fish Tacos

Because we were only here for appetizers and drinks, we will have to try some of their great looking burgers or pastas next time we come.

Overall I think Darcy’s has pretty good pub food but their best feature for summer time has got to be their patio.

It may not be right on the water, but it does have a view of the harbour and as I said earlier, it’s a great place to catch all the action of Wharf Street and Bastion Square.

If you can’t get down here during the afternoon to enjoy the patio, I highly recommend you check out one of their live bands that play every night.


Patio With Harbour View Victoria BC

Patio With Harbour View

There aren’t too many places in Victoria who have live music every night so this is another great feature of this pub.

From classic rock, to funk and southern rock, they have music to satisfy most everyone’s tastes.

I’m a big fan of dancing so this is one of my favourite places to go on a Saturday night.

There’s also a dance bar above Darcy’s called “Upstairs Cabaret” which I’ve been to and had a great time at too.

Overall there’s just lots of fun to be had at Darcy’s so come and check it out!

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