First Rooftop Garden in Victoria


One of the residents of Victoria decided to start his own business in the sphere of food industry and took a decision to set up the first commercial rooftop garden. Among the plants he grows, you can find edible flowers, arugula and lettuce. The name of this entrepreneur is Chris Hildreth and he arranges the associated deliveries to Fiamo Italian Kitchen.

The garden is located on 1001 Blanshard Street and the owner of the garden is going to increase the amount of food grown not to deliver the food locally only. Chris Hildreth is not just the person who decided to do business this way but he is rather educated and completed environmental studies and sociology. As a result, he deals with the garden in a professional way and grows all the plants taking care about their quality.

Urban agriculture Victoria BC

The mission is to provide the local restaurants with fresh and healthy food. The price is not that high but all the guests of the restaurants will have a chance to consume fresh veggies. Besides, the owner is going to increase the assortment of veggies and he wants everything from the salad to be grown in his rooftop garden. The garden is not so small and in the 500-square-foot piece, there are 20 beds with tomatoes, peppers, and rosemary.

To keep up the perfect condition of the garden, there is a specific irrigation system installed that provides timed watering of the soil. The soil consists of peat moss and compost that provides the plants with all the needed ingredients. It is the first attempt to create an urban rooftop agriculture business in Victoria and the main mission of it is to define the productivity of such gardens and to see how effective they are.

Image courtesy of Topsoil Agriculture. Visit them!


July 18, 2015 |

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