Food Eco District to Grow Vegetables and Herbs for Local Restaurants in Victoria


An oasis is found behind buildings in downtown Victoria. It was planted by Food Eco District Society, a group that wants to establish a food eco district in the city. The initiative is a partnership of the business Oughtred Coffee & Tea, property owner Fort Realty, and the organization.

They formed Fort Common, a courtyard behind the businesses located at the corner of Blanshard and Fort streets. It has bistro chairs and tables, lights, trees, and mobile culinary gardens. They plan to have at least four of the said culinary gardens in the district.

Jill Doucette, director of Food Eco District Society, said that they got the idea from Portland’s eco districts that are regions committed to green business practices as well as the creation of urban gardens. They want to do the same in Victoria but they are focused more on food to celebrate the city’s culinary greatness. They introduce sustainable practices, green economic strategies with the idea of turning the district in to an eco-food hub.

The partnership transformed a parking lot into a dining area, white wall, open space, and a garden with herbs that can be used by the restaurants found around the space, which are La Taquisa, Chorizo & Co., and Be Love. At present there is a single garden but three more are under construction and will be planted with herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Once the gardens are completed, they will cover around 100 square feet, which is the size of a parking stall.

Fort Realty is the driving force behind the project as it turned an income generating parking lot into a courtyard that is open to the public through a gate located on Blanshard Street. It is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during weekdays and can be used by people during their breaks or eat their meals during the day.



AJs Organic Cafe Victoria BC Be Love restaurant Victoria BC
Big Wheel Burger Victoria BC Chorizo & Co Victoria BC
Fish Hook Victoria BC Habit Coffee Victoria BC
Yates Street Tap House Victoria BC Zambris restaurant Victoria BC

It is a great opportunity for those living in Victoria to get fresh vegetable. The demand in the city is growing as a lot of seniors are coming there to rest. The restaurants and bars will get a chance to attract more customers with fresh and native food. Besides, the cost for it will not be so high as suppliers will not need to pay any transportation fees. In addition, seniors will not need to look for suppliers as vegetables will be at hand and every day they will be fresh. Else, the local community provides support for this idea and the development is just a matter of time and proper financing.


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July 20, 2015 |

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