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Victoria is famous for its beautiful gardens and is considered to be the Tearoom Capital of the province. It is impossible to visit this city and to leave it without stumbling over a cup of tea or two. The most famous place for this activity is a tea lobby in the Empress Hotel. But a lot of people suggest visiting the Butchart Garden which provides you with a chance to spend a good time there and to have a rest with the family members.

Visiting Victoria is great at any time of the year and you will always have about a dozen historic homes or gardens to visit. One of the best places to visit is Hatley Castle and it will turn to be a real discovery for you. The castle was built in 1908 and is surrounded by a number of gardens. A lot of movies and tv shows were shot there. Once you appear in this place, you start feeling a sort of TV star.

Must do in Victoria BC Hatley Castle

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Today, you can easily get there as it is a part of Royal Roads University right now. This house includes forty rooms and the construction is presented in Tudor Revival style. Though this castle functions as a university, a lot of people could feel and imagine how people lived so many years ago. A lot of rooms have original finishings and it will not be so difficult to enjoy historic value of the building.

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 Hatley Castle victoria bc must visit
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You can easily come out to the garden and feel pleasant breezes from the sea. You may not plan your vacation as the castle is open every day and every time you come there, you will have a chance to experience such a romantic life. Unfortunately, you will need to pay for the opportunity to visit the castle and gardens. The cost of the ticket is not that high and paying CA$18.00 for adults will not make your regret about spending the money.



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