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When I heard thatIl Terrazzo had been voted the best Italian restaurant in all of Victoria, I was very curious to find out just how great it was.

I knew that if this place was all it claimed to be, then it would most likely be busy on a Saturday night, so I wisely made reservations.

When my friend Mark and I arrived at 6:30, Il Terrazzo was packed so it was good that I had made the reservation.

When we sat down, our server gave us a HUGE wine list (38 pages to be exact). Il Terrazzo has an extensive wine list with over 1000 selections from more than 15 countries, so if wine is your thing, you shouldn’t be disappointed here.

The Gorgeous Bar At Il Terrazzo

The Gorgeous Bar At Il Terrazzo

As I looked through the menu, I did what I always do with big wine lists – I looked for the most expensive bottle.

Though most bottles fell in the $40-$60 range, I did manage to find one for $850. Cool, I thought, but not in my budget for tonight.

I must mention that I really liked the look of the bar at Il Terrazzo, and next time I come I would like to have a few pre-dinner drinks there.

Our first job of the night was to decide what appetizers we wanted to get.

As I have had this type of salad at other Italian restaurants, I decided to order the “Insalata Caprese” ($12).



Insalata Caprese Italian Dinner

Insalata Caprese

It was described as “Mozzarina mediterraneo cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, mixed olives, fresh basil, extra-virgin olive oil and cracked black peppercorns.”

This was a good choice and all the ingredients tasted quite fresh.

Mark got the “Aglio Arrosto e Cambozola” ($12)for his appetizer.

The menu described it as being a “Fire roasted garlic bulb served with fresh baked rosemary flatbread and a wedge of cambozola cheese.”

This was another good appetizer choice and Mark was kind enough to share it with me.


Italian Style flatbread

Aglio Arrosto e Cambozola

As Mark and I were finishing up our appetizers, we took some time to enjoy our surroundings.

I have heard lots of people rave about the atmosphere at Il Terrazzo. Its main dining room with its old town courtyard setting is very impressive and the six brick fireplaces and warm candle lighting are what really make this restaurant stand out.

There is a vibrant feel here and I would recommend it for both family celebrations or romantic dates.

Back to the food… For our main entrees, I asked our server for some recommendations.



Inside Il Terrazzo Restaurant Victoria BC

Inside Il Terrazzo

She said the “Bistecca Di Manzo” ($28) was a popular dish and that I wouldn’t be disappointed with it.

I love my red meat so this was an easy sell for me.

After taking my first bite into this tender 8oz beef tenderloin steak, I was very grateful to have ordered it.

Topped with yummy gorgonzola cheese, roasted shallots and balsamic vinegar, my taste buds quickly discovered why this dish is so popular.



Italian style steak and vegetables

Bistecca Di Manzo

Mark ordered a dish of the pasta menu. With so many tasty sounding dishes, he also asked our server for a recommendation.

The “Cannelloni Maiale” ($19) is what he ended up ordering.

When he heard the pasta was filled with pulled pork and baked with roasted peppers, wild boar bacon, red onions and mozzarella cream, he just couldn’t resist.

After devouring his pasta, Mark said he rated his dish as being one of the better pasta dishes he has tasted in Victoria.

Just as a note, Il Terrazzo updates their menu from season to season so you may or many not find the exact menu items as I have described when you come here.



Local artisan pasta in Victoria

Cannelloni Maiale

As far as the service was concerned, the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and the food was delivered without a noticeable wait, which was nice.

To finish off our evening, we decided to share the “Creme Brulees” ($8). There were three different types; orange, chocolate, and vanilla.

Both Mark and I love creme brulee and both enjoyed Il Terrazzo’s versions of it. There was enough dessert to share and I would say it was an excellent ending to our evening here.

Overall, Mark and I really enjoyed our evening out at Il Terrazzo.

The atmosphere was definitely the best part, and the food was excellent as well.





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