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I just love a restaurant that has atmosphere.

I especially love when I feel transported to another country the second I walk through their door.

Millos Restaurant is like that. Dining there is a little like traveling to Greece.

From it’s unique exterior with traditional Greek stucco siding and large windmill, to its bright colourful interior and traditional Greek music playing in the background, this restaurant is definitely oozing with ouzo!

Greek food in Victoria BC

Outside Millos Restaurant

Speaking of ouzo, I started my lunch with a “Santorini” ($7.50) cocktail that was made with ouzo, vodka, and lime juice.

Incase you don’t know what ouzo is, it’s an anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece.

If you’ve never tried it, it basically tastes like black licorice, and that’s pretty much what my cocktail tasted like too.

As I said, I was here for lunch and asked my friend Shelley to come along as I knew she was a fan of Greek food.

Shelley also started off with a cocktail. She had the “Lemonada” ($7.50), which was a mix of vodka, limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) and 7-up.



Santorini Cocktail

Santorini Cocktail

The drink was pretty sweet and not as tart as you might think a lemonade-type drink would be, but definitely refreshing on a summer afternoon.

For appetizers, I ordered the “Saghanaki Flambe” ($13). This is a skillet of baked Kefalotiri cheese, flambeed in brandy.

I’ve had this before but since Shelley hadn’t, I wanted her to experience the “Opa!” moment when they set the cheese on fire right at your table.

Our server recommended we also order the “Tzatziki and Grilled Pita” ($7) to accompany our cheese.

This turned out to be a good recommendation as the cheese was quite salty on it’s own so the cucumber and yogurt of the tzatziki dip plus the warm pita bread complemented it quite well.

As I said before, when you order Saghanaki Flambe, they flambe the cheese with brandy right at your table so it’s really a neat thing to order as you get a little entertainment with your food.



Saghanaki Flambe  Greek food

Saghanaki Flambe – Opa!

After we finished our yummy tzatziki and saghanaki, Shelley and I were ready for our entrees.

I ordered the very popular “Moussaka” ($13 at lunchtime, $18 at dinnertime), and she ordered the “Chicken Souvlaki” ($13 at lunchtime, $18 at dinnertime).

Moussaka is a casserole made with eggplant, zucchini, potato and ground beef.

It kind of reminds me of lasagna, and is also quite filling so make sure you don’t eat too many appetizers beforehand or you may have trouble (as I did) finishing it.

All of the entrees come with your choice of Greek salad, wild greens, or fries.

Both Shelley and I chose the Greek salad, and loved them.



Moussaka With Greek Salad

Moussaka With Greek Salad

The portions were quite big, especially since this was only lunch, and for only $13 I thought our meals were both quite good deals.

Shelley ordered her chicken souvlaki wrapped in a pita, but you can order it on a bed of rice if you prefer.

You can also order lamb (which is more the tradition in Greece), beef, or pork souvlaki instead of chicken.

The souvlaki comes with Millos’ yummy tzatziki sauce on it and is very tasty.

Both Shelley and I enjoyed our entrees and though we were both quite full, I was insistent that we try a dessert.



Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Souvlaki

Shelley said she was a big fan of “Baklava” ($6), so she ordered that and I decided to try something I’ve never had before, the “Galactobouriko” ($6).

Baklava is a traditional Greek pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey.

Though I don’t have a huge taste for this dessert, it’s definitely worth trying at least once as many people love it.

I thought my dessert had the best sounding Greek name so I was excited to see if it’s taste lived up to it’s name.





The Galactobouriko was described as being a phyllo pastry filled with honey custard.

If you like custard at all, I’m pretty sure you will love this dessert.

It was mostly custard and once again, they didn’t skimp on the portion size so you’ll definitely get your fill of sweet if you order this!

Overall I really like Millos for either lunch or dinner.

Their dinner menu is larger though so if you want to try any of their lamb or special Millos or seafood platters, you should come in the evening.



Greek Mural in Millos Restaurant

Greek Mural

One special note about their weekends is that they have live belly dancing which apparently is quite fun and adds to the festive atmosphere here.

Next time Shelley has a hankering for Greek food, I will have to bring her out on a Saturday or Sunday night to check that out.

Finally, I can’t say enough about the atmosphere at Millos.

With it’s unique and colourful interior, painted murals and Greek music, I don’t think there’s a Greek restaurant in Victoria that can match it.

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