Mobile Food Trucks and Venues in Victoria are Struggling


According to the details presented in the recent Vancity report, companies that work in the sphere of mobile food service are struggling to make the ends meet. The worst situation is observed in Victoria and Metro Vancouver. Considering the annual profits in the industry, it can hardly reach $31,300. Entrepreneurs of Victoria are fed up with tough regulations and increased operating expenses.

Having permission to sell soft drinks only and paying liability fees do not make the business really profitable. That is why this type of business is not that blooming a lot of people consider it to be. There are several solutions and local governments need to consider lifting the ban of staying close to restaurants. Besides, before taking a decision on defining a stationary location for a truck, the volume of traffic should be taken into account.

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In addition to primary expenses such as permit fees, parking and maintaining a truck, entrepreneurs need to pay additional fees when they move to different festivals. The fees can reach up to 25 per cent of sales and it makes the process of making a profit senseless. Another obstacle that reduces the profits and does not let make the business more profitable is renting a commercial kitchen. The thing is that entrepreneurs do not have a chance to cook food in a truck and they have to use commercial kitchens which could cost $2,600 per month.

The local government is not ready to make certain commitments and all the recommendations will be taken into account. Besides, citizens of Victoria could help the business survive by paying in cash which would not make entrepreneurs pay credit-card vendor fees. Even these little things will increase the profitability of food trucks where you usually get some food to stuff your stomach. And, the number of lossmaking food trucks which is now reaching 30% will decrease significantly.

Photo by Benson Kua [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

July 29, 2015 |

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