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Whether you’re a local wanting to impress your out-of-town friends or family, or a tourist visiting from a nearby cruise ship, Ogden Point Cafe is a great cafe dining option that shows off the picturesque city of Victoria.

Here you can gaze out at the ocean and its beauty as you enjoy breakfast, lunch or a casual dinner, all at (fairly) reasonable prices.

Right next to the cafe is a 762-metre (2500 foot) granite and concrete breakwater with a small lighthouse at the end of it.

Built in 1916, this is a fantastic landmark in Victoria. With no barriers on either side, you can walk the entire breakwater with unobstructed, 360 degree views.

The Breakwater At Ogden Point

The Breakwater At Ogden Point

Set up as a cafeteria-style cafe, you won’t find the food to be overly fancy here. So if you’re looking for higher end food with ocean views, I might recommend you go to one of Victoria’s other finer restaurants on the water.

However, if you’re looking for a casual place to grab a bite, a place where you can linger if you want to enjoy the views, Ogden Point Cafe is a solid choice.

The cafe has experienced some criticism for it’s lack luster dishes and perhaps slightly higher prices, however one has to take into account that they do sell themselves as a “cafe” and they do have one of the best locations as far as views and proximity to the water.

We have been a few times and on our last visit I enjoyed a decent pulled pork sandwich and very yummy brownie for dessert.

In general I would say if you’ve never been here, Ogden Point Cafe is worth giving a shot.

At minimum you won’t be disappointed with the views, and hopefully you’ll be fortunate like we were to have a decent meal.

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