The Pacific Restaurant (Hotel Grand Pacific)


Situated in the luxurious Hotel Grand Pacific, The Pacific Restaurant has many dining options for tourists and locals alike.

With opening hours from 6:30 in the morning to 10 at night, there are breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as a West Coast Afternoon Tea every afternoon.

If you happen to be here on a weekend, you can also try Executive Chef Rick Choy’s Dim Sum.

For my first visit to The Pacific Restaurant, I thought it would be nice to try their afternoon tea as I was curious to compare it to others I’ve had around Victoria.
The Pacific Restaurant, Victoria BC

Here they call their tea “West Coast Afternoon Tea” ($38) as it varies from the traditional tea you might get elsewhere in Victoria.

Although the Pacific Restaurant’s tea doesn’t offer the usual mix of homemade pinwheel sandwiches and such, it does not skimp on quality.

Here they pair teas with light, local dishes like quiche filled with goat cheese from Salt Spring Island, green tea- cured wild salmon lox or Cowichan Bay Farms duck confit.


Victoria BC Afternoon Tea

I admit I love those yummy no-crust sandwiches that you can get at other tea places around Victoria, but from time to time I’m up for something different so on this occasion Pacific’s West Coast Tea fit the bill.

One way in which they didn’t sway from traditional tea is how they served the small bites. When my server presented my food on a 3-tiered plate, I smiled in appreciation as I consider that to be one of the hallmark traditions of tea.

Speaking of tradition, in tribute to Victoria’s long history with tea, the Pacific Restaurant exclusively serves tea from the Victoria Silk Road Tea Company, whose products are expertly paired with their menu offerings.

There was plenty of tea to choose from, and though perhaps I might have enjoyed it a bit more had it been served in something fancier than a plain cup, my server kept topping me up and the tea I had certainly went down easy.



Various Assorted Small Bites Victoria BC

As I was here on a chilly spring day, the outside Terrace was not open yet but I got a nice view of it through my tableside window. It looks like it would be a really nice place to enjoy one’s tea on a summer afternoon and it’s quite spacious too (seats 50).

I forgot to mention that when I first arrived without a reservation I was told they needed at least an hour heads up so I had to come back later.

In general, it’s best to reserve your tea time (or your lunch/dinner), especially if you plan to come in the busy summer months.


The Terrace at Pacific Restaurant Victoria BC

Overall I thought the tea at the Pacific Restaurant to be pretty good. The desserts I finished off with were not as much to my liking as in at other tea places, but that doesn’t mean they lacked in quality. The “Chocolate Pot De Creme” was my favourite.

I will go on record saying that although I know I was here to try the slightly different “West Coast Tea”, I prefer the more traditional kind.

You know, the kind which serves what I would call “desserts that your Grandma would make”, as opposed to the fancier desserts they served at the Pacific. I don’t know how else to describe them except to say “fancier”.



Sones in Victoria BCThey did serve house made scones with my tea, but I would have liked to see them accompanied by house made jams as well. I was glad to see a healthy portion whipped clotted cream on my plate however.

In the end I was very full, as I usually am after enjoying afternoon tea. There was definitely enough food and as I mentioned before, the quality for the most part was quite high.

If you’re planning on coming here for tea, I would recommend that you not come dressed super casual, as it does feel a little upper end in the dining room. Maybe it’s just me, but I would always rather be overdressed than under.

I found out they have a breakfast buffet here on the weekends (one of my favourite things!) so next time I come by the Pacific Restaurant, I will be sure to check that out

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