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Wow, what can I say about this restaurant. After being here a few times, I have to say that Pescatores Seafood & Grill is absolutely one of my favourite places to eat out in Victoria.

With the happening atmosphere, friendly and smarty wait staff, insanely large drink menu and the fabulous seafood, I don’t know that there’s anything negative I could say about this place.

When Mark and I arrived later in the evening on a Saturday night, the place was packed. Since we didn’t have a reservation, we headed to the bar to chill for a while and try some of their drinks.


Rainbow Martinis Cocktails

My Martini Rainbow!

Though we’ve been here before, I don’t remember seeing the “Rainbow Martinis” ($7.50 for 2 oz.) list so I was super excited to get to try some of them.

There are nine different coloured martinis to choose from and though I would have liked to try all of them, I don’t know that my liver could handle it!

Instead I picked three that I thought I might like, and just happened to look pretty together.

After trying the pink, yellow, and blue martinis, I decided the yellow one was my favourite. It was made with Malibu, melon, banana, pineapple, orange juice and soda. Mmmmm, yummy!

If you don’t like your martinis as sweet as I do, you might want to try the pink or blue one instead.

Mark and I both liked spending time at the bar, and it wasn’t just because of their great selection of drinks.

The bar section was both comfy and happenin’ and we liked it so much that when we were ready for food, we decided to sit in one of the booths that they have in the bar area.

Marini and Cocktails Menu

Martini Menu

When our server “Shona” came over, we asked for appetizer recommendations.

I decided to order the “Soup Sampler” ($12), which was a tasting of prawn bisque and Pescatores chowder made two ways; Boston and Manhattan style.

I definitely liked the prawn bisque the most. It was nice and creamy and in my opinion, beat out the other two more vegetable-type soups.

Mark decided to order the “Tuna Tataki” ($14.95). If you’ve read many other reviews on this website, you know he’s tried this at several other restaurants.

This appetizer turned out to be the only minor negative of the night.


Soup Sampler

Soup Sampler

Though the tuna was done perfectly, for some reason the chef decided to put strawberries on top and they just didn’t go with the dish.

Think about it. Have you ever had, or would think to put strawberries on tuna? Maybe the chef was trying to be creative but it just didn’t work, or at least it didn’t for Mark.

Again, it was just a minor negative so I don’t want to go on and on about this as the rest of the dish was quite good.

Moving on to the entrees…

I ordered the “Crab and Brie Stuffed Sooke Trout” ($29).

It came with sauteed garlic mushrooms and Gryere gratin potatoes.



Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki

I’m not sure how many times I’ve had trout in my life, but I’m sure it’s less than five. I never thought of it as anything special and honestly I had no idea how good it could taste!

I loved the brie and crab stuffing idea, it worked perfectly.

Mark was crazy about his entree too.

He ordered the “Pescatore King Halibut” ($35). It came blackened, and topped with king crab and citrus hollandaise.



Local Pescatore King Halibut Victoria BC

Pescatore King Halibut

He also said he loved the hollandaise sauce on top and the very flavourful veggies that came with it.

Basically if you like halibut, you’ll love this dish.

After spending several hours in what was quickly becoming one of our favourite restaurants in Victoria, Mark and I were ready for dessert.

We asked our super friendly and bubbly server Shona to help us out with choosing the right one to share.

She said their most popular dessert was the “Banana Foster” ($13) and that it was plenty big for sharing (she was right).




Banana Foster Pesacatores Restaurant Desserts

Banana Foster

The dessert (which you can see my trying in the video below) was awesome! The crepe was flambeed with butter, brown sugar and rum and was simply mmmmmm!

This was a great way to finish off our wonderful evening at Pescatores.

From beginning to end, Mark and I both loved this restaurant and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some of the best seafood in Victoria.

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