Price of Salmon to Increase in Victoria


Experts predict a certain increase in the cost of salmon in restaurants of Victoria due to the change in weather patterns that influence the presence of the food chain. Scientists consider that high temperatures will cause the shortage of food for fish and an increase in predators that will hunt successfully for salmon. Staying in low level waters, salmon appear to be at risk and the amount of fish can reduce significantly.

The combination of warm water temperature and low river levels will increase the death rate of salmon that is looking for comfortable places to spawn in the Fraser River. If the temperature remains high, the impact will be great as never and a lot of fish will die. The temperature in the river is high as never and is reaching 20 C. A lot of people do not realize how important the matter is as salmon has one time to spawn during the year. Fish will not be able to reach the destination.

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Experts state that salmon start losing swimming performance at 18 C but when the temperature of water is reaching 20 C, salmon start developing different diseases. This situation is rather stressful and death rates are rather high. The difference can only be a few degrees but it may turn to be fatal. As a result, the cost of fish will depend on the weather conditions and temperature. Considering younger salmon, there may be a number of risks as well.

Predators will have an opportunity to move farther north if the water temperature remains high. This condition lets them wait till salmon appear out of the Fraser. The situation with salmon either in the ocean or in the Fraser River will greatly depend on the weather. But, even now, scientists consider that it is too early to predict high salmon returns.

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August 27, 2015 |

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