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While in Victoria, it’s hard not to want to eat fish and chips at least once. There’s something about being by the sea that says you have to eat them.

The good news is you have a few choices of where you can get your traditional English fare in Victoria, but after visiting Red Fish Blue Fish, you may not have to look any further.

When I first heard about this place, I thought, where is it again? Have I passed it while walking around downtown and somehow missed it?

It recently got some good press so I thought I would go try and find it and see it lived up to all the hype.

Depending on where you are coming from, you may very well miss this eating spot as I didn’t see a sign for it from the direction I was coming from (though I did discover that it is signed from Wharf St. further up from the parking lot that I parked in).


Outdoor patio fish and chips

Outdoor Seating

I had a general idea where it was and as I got closer to the pier, I noticed a rather long line leading to what looked like a small tin shack.

I was pretty sure that had to be it, though I asked someone in line just to make sure.

The place has only outdoor seating, so if you’re not taking your food to go, you will want to wait for good weather to enjoy your meal outside.

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wait in line, not knowing how long it might be, but nobody else in line seemed to be getting impatient so I figured these fish and chips MUST be worth the wait.

Twenty-five minutes later, I was finally at the front of the line and was asked what I wanted. I thought, “Duh, fish and chips!”, but then I realized there were lots of other options on the menu posted on the front of the “shack”.



Victoria Inner Harbour Restaurants

Great View Of Inner Harbour!

When I asked what was good, the server said “lots of things”, so I then asked how the “Wild Pacific Fish and Chips” (1 piece, $11) were and she said great. I also asked about their “Pacific Rim Chowder” (12 oz, $5) and she said it was also a good choice so I decided to start with that.

After I got my food and found a spot to sit (I got lucky and got a higher stool and table to sit at), I admired my view for a few minutes.

I sometimes forget to take a minute and take in all the sights when I’m down in Victoria’s harbour. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with its tall ships, cute little harbour taxis, and mountain backdrop. It really is spectacular, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I swear you’re missing out.

I wanted to keep gazing out on the boats as they sailed by, but man I was hungry so I dug into my chowder. Actually, I sipped my chowder to be more accurate, as it came in a cup. I guess I could have used a spoon, but oh well, I don’t think anybody cared.



Best seafood chowder in Victoria BC

Pacific Rim Seafood Chowder

I have tasted many chowders since moving to Vancouver Island and this definitely ranks up there with some of the best ones I’ve tasted. I loved the sweet corn in it! It’s quite popular at Red Fish Blue Fish, and for $11.50, you can even buy a whole liter of it if you want.

After being impressed with the chowder, I was hoping that the fish and chips were going to be equally as good. They came with coleslaw, Kennebec chips, and tartar sauce.

The menu also listed five extra dressings you could add on to your dish. I got the “Golden Shallot Aoili” which sounded good in theory, but just didn’t go with my fish and chips.

Maybe it was meant for another dish but oh well, I always have to try anything with garlic in it.

I tried the coleslaw first and it was just okay. It seemed kind of peppery to me, which I thought was weird as I’ve never had a coleslaw that tasted like that.

Next I took a nice big bite of my fish. They are described on the menu as being “crispy tempura battered”.



Wild caught fish and chips Victoria BC

Wild Pacific Fish and Chips

Whatever they do to batter their fish, they do it amazingly well. I loved this fish! The batter was good and crispy like it was supposed to be, and the fish itself tasted very fresh.

I was also impressed with the portion size, and 1 piece was definitely enough to fill my appetite. After eating almost everything on my plate (I had to save room for dessert), I started on my pretty pink cupcake.

What, cupcake ? At a fish and chip place? Ya, I thought it was a bit different too, but my super sweet tooth didn’t mind one bit.

They have a local cupcake maker named “Pink Sugar” who provides these delicious $3.50 desserts.


I know the point of going to a fish and chips place is to enjoy the fish, which I totally did, but this cupcake was a great way to finish off my lunch.

Cup cakes in Victoria

Pink Sugar Cupcake

Next time I come here (and there will be a next time, very soon!), I would like to try their “Tacones” that are apparently incredible.

I wanted to try the more traditional fish and chips on my first time out, but I will definitely let you know how their other dishes are next time! Stay tuned…

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