Residents of Victoria Worried about Noise


Residents of Victoria are really unhappy about Cyclone military helicopters that are going to be based at Victoria International Airport. People are frequently bothered by the noise produced by the helicopters and they want an independent evaluation of noise to be done. The assessment on noise should have been completed a long time ago but no one has even performed it. If the level of noise is acceptable, then the helicopters will be located at the airport.

In general, the result of the evaluation will help understand professionals if nine Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclones are going to be delivered and located on the west coast. The authorities will spend $155 million on a new hanger and these new helicopters will replace old Sea King ones. The main mission of this replacement is to increase the effectiveness of surveillance and rescue. These efforts will increase the level of national and international security.

Victoria BC Airport location

The contradiction between the civilians and the federal government will make lawyers deal with the petition which could be a turning point for the noise assessment. The present activities that are performed at Victoria International Airport are disturbing the local community already. To perform the proper assessment of noise, there should be a public meeting held but none of them has been arranged yet. Local residents consider that the new Cyclones are louder and they cannot get used to the noise.

Besides, people are afraid that the operations will be performed days and nights. While the matter is still examined, the new helicopters will be based at Shearwater which is considered to be the strategic center of the Canadian naval aviation. The community representatives will work with the Department of National Defense in order to reduce the noise with the help of using different simulators especially during night missions. It is rather strange that there are no tests and assessments on noise and its impact on people living close to the airport.


July 28, 2015 |

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