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If you like great pub food and a fun, beach atmosphere, you have to come up to the roof of the Sticky Wicket Pub (Strathcona Hotel) and check out the Rooftop Surfclub.

When you can’t make it to the beach, this fantastic patio that hosts the world’s only rooftop beach volleyball courts, brings the beach to you.

Though my friend Shelley and I weren’t there to play a game of volleyball this time, we were here to enjoy a long lunch and a few yummy summer drinks on a warm and sunny summer day.

As soon as we sat down I felt instantly relaxed, the way you feel when you get to the beach. It’s just a dozen or so stairs up from the street yet it really feels like you have gone much further than that.

Strathcona Hotel Roof top Bar

Maybe it was all the surfboards strewn about, the palm trees, or the huge pile of sand that was off to my right, but I was ready to order my “chillin’ on the beach” drink right away.

And so, “Shark in the Water” ($5.75) was my first drink of choice, and of course I had to order it in the souvenir coconut cooler. For an extra 2 bucks, I was one happy beachgoer.

I liked this drink, though it was not super sweet like I often order my “summer drinks”. If you like blue Curacao or blueberry vodka though, I’m pretty sure you will like it.

After gulping down my first drink, I ordered my trusty “Peach Bellini” ($6.75) which, no matter where I order this, rarely disappoints.

Thankfully I was super happy with my bellini and Shelley was also happy with her choice of drink, “Raspberry Lemonade” ($5.75).



If you are one of those non sweet tooth types, I would get what Shelley got. Okay, so enough about our girly drinks!

Steak And Goat Cheese Salad

Steak And Goat Cheese Salad

Moving on to our lunch…. I have had this before so I thought I would try the “Steak and Goat Cheese Salad” ($15.95) here at the Rooftop Surfclub and see how it compared.

My steak, which I ordered medium rare (and was delivered exactly so) came with pecan crusted goat cheese, and a green salad that I chose to have their balsamic dressing on (there were 7 choices of dressings).

Overall I was really impressed not only with the taste of everything on my plate, but also the good sized lunch portion. It was just as good, if not better than anywhere else I have had this, and I would absolutely order it again.

Shelley decided to go with “The Patio Bowl” ($14.95). This is a Japanese stir fry that is served with veggies, chow mein noodles, and warm flat bread.




Strathcona Hotel Roof top bar Victoria BC

The Patio BowlYou can order it with a choice of chicken (Shelley’s choice), organic tofu, sliced beef, or prawns.



It is also a decent sized portion for lunch so make sure you bring your appetite!

After our tasty and filling entrees, we decided to take a pause before ordering dessert. It was then that I decided to take a closer look around this great patio.

I walked over to the bar and noticed a few tables made to look like surfboards, as well as several surf boards and a disco ball hanging from above.

I smiled and remembered one time I was out here at night time and how happenin’ it was.

I had been invited to a birthday bash for a girlfriend of mine and they had reserved the volleyball court for a few hours…





Let me just say there’s nothing like having a few drinks and playing in the sand on a warm summer night!

Strathcona Hotel Roof top Bar

Surfclub Bar

After snappin’ a few pics I returned to my table and together Shelley and I decided the best dessert on the menu looked to be the “Chocolate Brownie” ($5.95).

It’s hard to compete with the chocolate brownie. First of all it’s chocolate, and for women there is no substitute.

Second, this brownie was topped with candied pecans, and was sooo warm and yummy that if I hadn’t been so polite (and full from my entree), I totally wouldn’t have shared it with anyone!!

After this fantastic ending to our very long lunch, Shelley and I both agreed we would be back to the Rooftop Surfclub again soon.



Chocolate Brownie Dessert

Chocolate Brownie


We both thoroughly enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and our server too.

There really isn’t anything like this place in Victoria.



Rooftop Beach Volley Court

Real Beach Volley Court


So if you’re downtown, looking for a fun place to eat and relax, think about taking a walk up the stairs above the Sticky Wicket Pub to the Rooftop Surfclub.

Unless you don’t like the beach (um, then I’m thinking you need your head checked!), you won’t be disappointed.

The only bummer about this place is you have to wait ’til May each year to enjoy it!

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