Siam Thai Restaurant


Since 1990, Siam Thai Restaurant has been serving Victoria and its visitors, making it one of the oldest Thai restaurant in the city.

Locals frequent this family-run downtown location for several reasons, including its vegan friendly and gluten-free friendly menu, as well as its good value, and efficient service.

On our first visit, we ordered our usual Thai favourites, which started with a couple appetizers, the “Pho Peah” (Deep Fried Spring Rolls – $6.95)
and the “Tom Kah Gai” (Hot and sour chicken soup with coconut milk – $7.95) .

Both of these dishes were “solid”. Tasty enough, yet nothing exceptionally amazing jumped out onto my taste buds.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls

Pho Peah (Deep Fried Spring Rolls)

We then went on to ordering some “Chicken Phad Thai” and “Red Curry”. We’ve had these dishes plenty of times at other Thai spots around Victoria so we wanted to try them to compare.

Portion sizes were very healthy and our entrees were as good as anywhere I’ve had around Victoria. The prices were fairly easy on the wallet as well, which is always a plus.

As far as ambiance goes, they have a big spacious dining room that I bet makes it popular for serving large groups. They don’t go crazy with their trinket decorations which is probably a good thing for most of us.


The service here was prompt, making it a place you can get in an out of fairly quickly if you’re on a tight schedule.

In general I would say that when I think of Siam Thai two words come to mind; safe and reliable.

Though it might lack the WOW factor that one might get from a more authentic Thai place you could find in a bigger city, relative to its competitors around Victoria it rates

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