Spinnakers Pub (Gastro Brewpub)


With such an extensive and good quality beer list, the term “we’re here for the beer”, usually applies when we visit Spinnakers Pub (Gastro Brewpub).

As Canada’s oldest brewpub, beer is perhaps this pub’s strongest selling point but it also offers up some outstanding Inner Harbour views and some pretty good food as well.

On our most recent visit here, Mark (my beer loving friend) and I were fortunate enough to arrive when it wasn’t overly busy and were able to secure a seat on what I believe is the best spot on the upstairs patio.

Spinnakers view form patio

View from Patio

The corner table closest to the water is a THE spot to get amazing panoramic views of the Inner Harbour and the Olympic Mountains.

Local Brewery Victoria BC

It’s so beautiful that I could (and have) spend hours just looking out at the ocean, watching the boats come and go, the sea planes landing and the people walking by on the path which wraps around the Inner Harbour below.

Then when you add in a gorgeous sunny summer day, a fantastic pint of beer (or in my case, a glass of “Sparkling Lemonade O de Vie”) and some yummy pub food, well, it really doesn’t get much better than that!

On this visit, like most times we come to Spinnakers, Mark started off with a “Flight of Beer” ($5). It came with 4 three oz glasses of “Spinnakers Hand Crafted Artisan Beers”.


Local Beer Brewery

Flight of Spinnakers Beer

As stated on their website, “Spinnakers brewers craft benchmarks of classic styles of ales, lagers and seasonal specialty beers and their brews range from pale to dark, and light to full bodied.”

If you’ve never tried their beers, you might like the idea of getting a flight so you can decide which one you like best.

Mark definitely liked his flight, but in addition to the 9 in-house beers that he had to choose from, he also liked the huge selection of international beers they had as well.

On their beer list were 24 unique brands including a “Red Rice Ale” from Japan ($7) and a Belgian style “Cru D’or”, both of which he loved.





Seafood Chowder Victoria BC

Seafood Chowder

As Mark sat in bear heaven, I decided to order us some appetizers. I thought I would try a cup of their “Seafood Chowder” ($6 for a cup, $8 for a bowl), and got Mark the “British Columbia Cheese Taster” ($13).

I have tasted several chowders from around Victoria, and this one ranked as one the better ones I’ve had. It was super thick and creamy and definitely worthy of it’s “award winning” accolaide on the menu.

The chowder was also served with house baked fresh artisan bread which was pretty tasty as well.

As for the cheese plate, it was excellent.




Victoria BC local cheese platter

British Columbia Cheese Taster

It came with 0.5oz of each cheese and was served with spinnakers scottish ale jelly & house made english flat bread crackers.

Mark was kind enough to let me share his plate and my favourite was the “Salt Spring Chevre”, which is described as being “smooth and richly intense”. I love this cheese so much I could totally eat a whole plate of it!

We both agreed this cheese plate was of great value compaired to others we’ve had around town.

For our main dish, we wanted to try one of the brick oven pizzas as they sounded so yummy. As pizzas are really Mark’s thing, we decided he should choose.




Salmon Pizza Victoria BC

Salmon Pizza Victoria BC

After much deliberation, he picked the “House Smoked Wild Pacific Salmon Pizza” ($16).

As this wasn’t my first choice (I am not a huge fan of smoked salmon), I thought I would order another side just incase. Plus I figured Mark probably didn’t want to share his pizza anyway… What man does?

Anyway, I had heard the fries here were pretty good so asked our server for the “Kennebec Fries” ($6).

This turned out to be an excellent choice as I had no probably eating all of my fries and Mark managed to finish his pizza all by himself as well.



Kennebec Fries

Kennebec Fries

As far as how good the pizza tasted, Mark said he hadn’t had anything like it before and thought the combination of brie, red onion and salmon flavours to be pretty good.

With 7 other kinds of pizza to choose from on the menu though, he thought next time he would try another to see how they compared.

As I was the only one with room left in my belly for dessert (always have to save room for that!), I ordered the “Housemade Raspberry Ice Cream” ($6).

If you’ve never had real homemade ice cream then you’ve been missing out. It doesn’t matter what flavour you get, it just tastes so much better than store bought.


Locally made Ice Cream Victoria

Home Made Raspberry Ice Cream

If they have the raspberry flavour on the menu when you get here, I highy recommend it, though I’m sure any of their flavours will taste as san-frantastic as mine did.

In general Mark and I once again really enjoyed our time at Spinnakers Pub and will continue to come here for the beer and appetizers, as well as to enjoy the wonderful views.

We have never had any major problems with the service, and would rate it as above average for the pub scene.

They update their menu fairly regularly and also have seasonal beers which keep us coming back to try whatever’s new. If you’re a beer fan, I recommend you come here at least once to sample what Spinnakers Pub has to offer.

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