Topaz Park in Victoria to Turn into Tenting Area


Every one living in Victoria knows Topaz Park which is considered to be the second largest one after Beacon Hill. A lot of tourists come to local parks and stay there overnight. It is legal to camp in parks but every people needs to leave by 7 a.m.. According to the decision of the B.C. Supreme Court taken in 2008, there should not be any restrictions in relation to people who are planning to sleep in parks at night time.

It is a solution for the homeless who cannot find the proper place to sleep when all the shelters are full. On the one hand, any homeless can stay in a park overnight, but it is not permitted for tourists. The city officials do not see any reasons for allowing visitors to stay in a park just for adventures but they are trying to find the golden middle between unregulated camping and a more permanent shelter for the homeless. As a result, Victoria Mayor Lisa suggested organizing a temporary tent city for homeless who will be allowed to stay in Topaz Park overnight.

Topaz Park visitor center Victoria BC

The project is to be realized by October and this will exclude the need for people to pack up the belongings every morning. The officials could not find the solution since 2009 and a lot of bylaws have been amended to provide people with a chance to set up a tent. Leaving people without an opportunity to pitch tents is unconstitutional.

Topaz Park in Victoria BC

The need for this tenting area is vivid as according to the estimations of city officials, several hundred people stay overnight in one of the city parks. But there are certain disadvantages such as noise and ecosystem destruction that are caused by people. The city needs to spend $600,000 annually to clean parks from trash.


July 26, 2015 |

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