Victoria McDonald’s Application for Temp Foreign Workers Gets Approval


The owner of several McDonald’s restaurants in Victoria was twice denied the positive assessment for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. They called the government agency to ask that their Labor Market Opinions are approved that would allow the restaurants to bring in temp foreign workers. After the phone call, one of the decisions was reversed and stamped by the agency as ASAP as the company’s requests were granted. The information was revealed in public documents.

In April, the three McDonald’s restaurants owned by Nasib Services had their LMOs suspended and blacklisted after claims that the restaurants were not getting qualified Canadians but instead hire temporary foreign workers. The LMOs of the company are still suspended as the restaurants’ policies are still investigated.

Documents showed that McDonald’s was disapproved because supervisor positions that were paying $12.36 per hour had too high requirements as seen in the local job ads. In order to get LMO, the company just needs to show that it has made some efforts to look for Canadians for the position.

According to observers, Nasib Services have failed to show that they made the effort to find Canadians for the position. According to the notes, there were 30 applicants for the 15 positions and 25 to 30 percent where foreign workers. None of the Canadian workers were interviewed because they lacked experience.

The notes said the owner explained that work history was needed for the supervisor roles. There were questions why people who were already working at the restaurants were not promoted for the positions.

Two weeks after the decision was released, it was reversed. Nasib Services said it will consider lower levels of experienced Canadians and that the two to three years’ experience was referring to food service and not just McDonald’s.

The notes also detailed that 14 Canadians applied for the positions all except but two were disqualified right away for the lack of experience. The said two declined to be interviewed.


Photo by Ramon FVelasquez

November 15, 2014 |

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