Victoria’s Demographics Starts Causing Problems


Whether it is a lower level of economic development in the area or not, but people in Canada experience different issues in getting a chance to visit family physicians. A lot of patients state that it depends on the province where a person lives and the same problem is faced by the residents of Victoria. The thing is that there is a shortage of family doctors in the city and it is reaching its critical level making some of the clinics close.

The greatest sufferers of this problem appear to be walk-in clinics and the lack of doctors is so bad that administrators cannot find out the way out in the situation. Some of the clinics take the decision to close for a while till the situation gets better. In general, there are three clinics that are left in Victoria and can serve new patients. One of the main causes for the shortage of doctors is Victoria’s demographics.


The thing is that the population of Victoria is considered to be older and as a result, people have a lot more disease to treat. The shortage of doctors would not be so acute if the population were younger. Considering the statistics, the population of British Columbia includes about 20 percent of seniors which is rather high for such a big city.

There are different solutions offered but the most effective is considered to be hiring more family doctors in order to make medical administration simplified. Most of them need to concentrate on serving patients and to make health care more accessible. Providing family doctors with the office and needed equipment will make the process much easier and they will not need to spend extra hours every night. The solution will be found in any case as the Doctors of B.C., and the Health Authorities started developing new projects on attracting more doctors.

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July 26, 2015 |

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