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If you don’t mind traveling a wee bit out of the downtown core of Victoria, I promise you won’t be disappointed when you come for Afternoon Tea at White Heather Tea Room.

The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful, the way you want to feel when you sip away at your tea.

The service is pleasant and professional, without having the snooty feel you might get at some tea rooms.

Coming here feels like when I used to arrive at my Gramma’s house and she would always have tons of freshly made squares, scones or yummy goodies ready to eat.

Afternoon tea Victoria Reviews

Inside White Heather Tea Room

Just one word of caution if you’re coming here for Afternoon Tea. Make sure you haven’t eaten recently and aren’t planning on eating for a while after as you will be full, if not stuffed once you leave!

The portion sizes are plenty big and everything tastes so yummy you will find yourself not wanting to push your plate away.

If you’re not as hungry, you can choose to go for “The Wee Tea” ($14.95), but I wanted to make a meal out of this so I ordered “The Not So Wee Tea” ($18.95).

There are other things on the menu that you can order, like soup, salad and sandwiches, but I can’t imagine coming here and not having the traditional tea. It’s just too good to pass up.



Mad Hatter Tea rooms Victoria

Mad Hatter Tea

When I ordered my “Not So Wee Tea”, I was asked what type of tea I wanted. They have a great selection of teas with 22 different kinds and being that I don’t drink tea that often, I went with their highly recommended and most popular “Mad Hatter” tea.

I especially liked the description of my tea as it was said to be a “whimsical black tea scented with vanilla, passion fruit, and pomegranate…a perfect storybook tea”…. And it was!

When you get your plate (or platter if you are eating with someone else), you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed looking at all the different yummy looking things to eat, and not knowing where to start.

After my server described for me what each of the sandwiches and desserts were, I decided to start with the savoury parts of my plate and work my way through to the sweets after.

There were three mini sandwiches on my plate. First I had an egg and celery pin sandwich, then a cucumber cream cheese sandwich, and then a blackforest ham and relish sandwich.

The pinwheel or “pin” sandwiches are really impressive as they look to take quite of bit of time to put together.


The Not So Weet Tea Sandwiches

The Not So Weet Tea


Though they were all very good, my favourite sandwich was the cucumber cream cheese one.

It was soooo creamy I could have eaten a dozen of them!

Next on my plate was a sundried tomato with cream cheese quiche. It was pretty small in size but had amazing flavour!

I then had a chicken and apple mini “sconewich”, which was made on a mini cheese scone.

Like the rest of my meal so far, it was also quite tasty.

After the savoury part of my meal was done, it was time for sweets, yeah!

Having had afternoon tea at many places (including over in Ireland), my favourite part has to be the scones.



Home made Scones

Scrumptious Scone

In my opinion, you can never overdue the scone part. After all, besides the tea, it is the most traditional part of afternoon tea.

The scone should be big and fresh, and there should be lots of cream and homemade preserves to coat all over it.

One of my biggest pet peeves while going for afternoon tea somewhere is being served a tiny little scone or one that wasn’t made fresh.

Most establishments provide plenty enough creme and preserves to put on your scone, but I often find the ratio of “toppings” to scones is way too high.

Well the good news is that at White Heather, you get a nice and plump, scrumptiously fresh scone with your choice of creme, homemade preserves and lemon curd to put on top.

Mmmmmm…when I took my first bite I was in scone heaven!

The rest of my desserts were super delicious as well. I especially liked their citrus lemon pound cake. It was really moist and light on the lemon which was good for me as I’m not a huge lemon flavour fan. The icing on top was also really good.

As a side note, I should mention that their freshly baked goods change daily so you may not be served exactly the same items as I was.

I am sure however that no matter what the ladies bake, the only disappointment you may have coming here is your inability to finish all the yummy things on your plate!

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